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Hayward Skimmer, SP1085 - Wide Mouth (Vinyl & Fiberglass)  

Hayward Skimmer, SP1085 - Wide Mouth (Vinyl & Fiberglass)

Auto-Skim™ Wide Track series skimmers are, molded or rugged, noncorrosive ABS and have no joint below water level. A wide 15-1/2 in. skimmer face opening allows for maximum skimming action. They feature a cover collar allowing 1-1/2 in. vertical adjustment and a snap-in weir that automatically adjusts to 4-1/2 in. variation in water level. 1-1/2 in. FIP port with an 9-1/4 in. throat length and a square lid and frame.

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1 1/2 FIP wide mouth skimmer
PFP#: HWDSP10852
Price: $169.05

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